$39.00 USD or more

For just $20 more, couple this course with seven meditations you can do each week for an even more fulfilling experience!

Create Your Dream Life in 21 Days

Throughout the next 21 days you will develop new practices to help you live your dream life NOW.

For the next 21 days you'll receive:

  • A quick video of Paige discussing a topic important to your Dream Life
  • A journal prompt to outline new practices to incorporate into your Dream Life
  • A quote to think about throughout your day
  • A new plant-based recipe to try

*Disclaimer: The "Create Your Dream Life in 21 Days" program is designed to offer guidance, tools, and strategies for personal development. However, individual results may vary. This program is not intended to guarantee specific outcomes or financial gains. It is not a replacement for professional advice, therapy, or financial planning. Participants are encouraged to consult experts before making significant life decisions. The creators of the program are not liable for any direct or indirect consequences of your actions based on the information provided. By enrolling in this program, you acknowledge that you are responsible for your choices and outcomes.